What is a Travel Insurance?

Travel insurance policy is a policy which can help a traveler phenomenally in reducing the financial risks which comes as a somewhat by product of traveling in a very wide scope of situations, like in a case of medical purposes resulting in hospitalization of the traveler, trip cancelling, accidents and many other factors like these. And owing to this fact, it is quite imperative for just about any traveler to buy the best travel insurance cover as it will be helping them in such scenarios of sudden and unexpected situations. Owing to the above stated factors, in today’s times travel insurance has become quite a popularly successful product.

Why Trusted By Millions?

It is not a an overstatement but travel insurance has indeed garnered trust of millions of travellers as it is cost effective and induces a certain peace of mind owing to the 24/7 personal assistance to the traveler while traveling around. Especially if you are on international travel getaways then it is a must that you do take the benefits of international travel insurance.

The best thing about having a travel insurance cover is that it doesn’t matter if you are traveling alone or with friends and family. Any which way, you can get yourself insured according to the insurance policy of your budget needs and satiate your desire for traveling in a completely worry-free manner. So, buying the best travel plan while traveling has become a need in today’s times!

So, no matter how much you need to travel or for what timeline exactly? Hicinko’s Travel insurance ensures to protect you while you are away on your adventures and musings. We have got you covered even if you are a student, or are traveling with your family against all odds like accidents, medical benefits, trip cancellations, delays or any other minor or major unforeseen catastrophic events.

Travel Insurance Coverage

Travel Smart. Travel Secure. Travel Safe.

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While purchasing a travel insurance policy there are many factors and variables which work and are necessary to align for an essentially sufficient insurance
coverage at a plausible pricing. And it surely can be hard to begin with but our travel insurance agents ensure that our customers get a seamless experience while
purchasing insurance according to their needs offering them the luxury of enjoying their vacations and the fine moments of relaxation as well as adventure.

    With the suitable insurance policy as per your needs you are assured to get the monetary compensation in case of any unforeseen event while you are traveling.
    Feel secure by purchasing the right policy cover so that you can spend and cherish quality time with your family without any stress and worries.
    Relax and enjoy your trip without any worry as we have got you perfectly covered if any unfortunate event happens.

Travel Insurance Plans Suiting Your Needs

Getting yourself insured while traveling is a significant part of traveling and it is equally important to know about the various types of insurance so that you don’t fall short and can travel with a free mind enjoying your trips with a certain sense of rejuvenation.


It is a great way to customize your insurance plan according to your needs like luggage, dental costs, returning minors, delays and interruptions.


The medical emergency travel insurance cover focuses on medical expenses, emergency evacuations on a fundamental basis.


You can avail the benefits of trip cancellation insurance if you cancel your trip owing to any unforeseen event resulting in cancellation of your trip.


Insurance protection against flight accidents gets you covered in any case of catastrophic event resulting in the loss of life while flying.


Losing your important things can be quite frustrating. Baggage insurance is a great way to secure your valuable things.


Annual insurance is suitable for people who travel a lot and have to go on trips irrespective of the purpose be it business or enjoyment.


It covers you if in any case your rented vehicle gets damaged which can be owing to many factors like accident, natural catastrophe.


If you are planning to travel and relocate abroad then you can secure your family, corporate financially through Term Life Insurance.

Why Trust Us For Your Travel Insurance?

With cheap travel insurance options for every budget and need we are certainly one of the best agencies for you to get insured with! We offer our customers with 24/7 customer assistance at the minimum price. Our customer-friendly employees offer you with the easiest buying and purchasing method so that you can relax and get yourself secure from unexpected events.

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